Sony has suspended production of the PlayStation VR2 to sell off the headset’s stockpile. This was reported by Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the case.

Sales of the virtual reality headset, which costs $550, have been progressively slowing down since its release, while PSVR2 stocks are only growing, which is why the company decided to temporarily suspend production.

Reportedly, after the headset’s launch in February last year, Sony produced about 2 million devices.

According to IDC, 595.5 thousand devices were shipped in the first quarter of 2023, when PSVR2 was just released, 435.3 thousand in the second quarter, 343.6 thousand in the third, and 325.5 thousand in the fourth.

Among the main reasons for the decline in shipments and sales are the high price of PSVR2 and the lack of new interesting projects for virtual reality. Sony does not comment on the situation.

Last year, it was reported that PlayStation VR2 had a weak start and analysts expected a price reduction, but it never happened.

As a reminder, Sony is also testing the possibility of using PSVR2 on PC. The company has promised that support for virtual reality headsets on PCs will be available in 2024.