After the release of the standard Volkswagen ID.3 and Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer models, fans of something hotter waited for their more powerful and sporty GTX versions.

The new Volkswagen ID.3 GTX tries to embody the idea of a hot hatch, but now in the form of an electric vehicle: modified bumpers and enlarged wheels create a dynamic appearance, the interior is decorated with red inserts and sports seats. In addition, the Volkswagen ID.3 GTX electric car has stiffer stabilizers and a sharp “progressive” steering wheel.

However, the main thing about the Volkswagen ID.3 GTX is, of course, the increased power! The ARP550 electric motor delivers 210 kW or 286 horsepower and 545 Nm to the rear wheels, which is enough to accelerate the Volkswagen ID.3 GTX from 0-100 in 6.0 seconds and reach a top speed of 180 km/h. There is also a Volkswagen ID.3 GTX Performance version with increased power – 240 kW or 326 horses. The acceleration from 0-100 km/h is now 5.6 seconds, and the top speed can reach 200 km/h.

Both versions of the Volkswagen ID.3 GTX have an identical 79 kWh battery, which should be sufficient for a range of up to 600 kilometers. The Volkswagen ID.7 GTX Tourer wagon, on the other hand, has an even larger battery with a capacity of 86 kWh. However, its range is not yet known, nor are its acceleration dynamics. But the Volkswagen ID.7 GTX Tourer electric station wagon may still surprise you – because it offers all-wheel drive!

The new incarnation of the 4MOTION system includes two electric motors: the well-known ARP550 motor is installed at the rear, and the AKA150 motor is added in front. The total power of the two electric motors reaches 250 kW or 340 horsepower, and the top speed of the Volkswagen ID.7 GTX Tourer is 180 km/h.

In addition, the Volkswagen ID.7 GTX Tourer electric station wagon can offer 20-inch wheels, a panoramic roof with PDLC glass (can be darkened when passing electric current), a DCC suspension with customization options, ChatGPT support, etc.

Sales of the new products in Europe will start this spring, prices will be announced closer to the start of sales.