Amid the AI fever, NVIDIA shares are growing like wildfire. The company increased its revenue by 256% and even became more expensive than Amazon and Google for a while. The Visual Capitalist website calculated how much you could earn on NVIDIA shares if you invested $5,000 at different times in the company’s history.

If you had bought $5,000 worth of NVIDIA shares in 2000 when they cost $0.77 per share, they would now be worth $4,718,052 (as of February 15, 2024). $5,000 from 2010 (share price $3.85) would have turned into $943,610. $5,000 from 2015 (share price $4.80) would have turned into $756,854.


Even in 2020, it wasn’t too late to buy NVIDIA. $5,000 invested 4 years ago (the value of the shares was $59.11) would have turned into $61,460. In 2023, the profit decreased because the shares pumped up by AI were already worth $195.37, but you could still triple your money by turning $5,000 into $18,595. And you say Bitcoin, that’s where the real gold mine is.

Bonus. Changes in Intel and NVIDIA capitalization over the past 10 years. Sic transit gloria mundi.