NVIDIA’s market value surpassed that of Amazon and Google, albeit briefly, reaching a market capitalization of $1.83 trillion with a share price of over $740. For comparison, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) boasted approximately $1.82 trillion and Amazon $1.8 trillion at the same time, writes 80LV.

At the close of trading, NVIDIA was below the other two tech giants, but the fact that it was able to jump so high is impressive considering that in October 2022, it was worth only $300 billion. NVIDIA currently has a market capitalization of $1.784 trillion, Amazon $1.790 trillion, and Alphabet $1.841 trillion.

NVIDIA has become more expensive than Amazon and Google, albeit for a short time


The biggest impact on NVIDIA’s value comes from its AI division. The company creates the most popular chips for generative artificial intelligence.

According to Forbes, the company’s 17,000% rise over the past decade “is the best performance of any stock in the S&P 500, nearly triple the return of silver medalist and rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). A $1,000 investment in Nvidia ten years ago is now worth about $175,000.”

As of now, Microsoft ($3.085 trillion) ranks first in the value ranking, followed by Apple ($2.889 trillion) and Saudi Aramco ($2.049 trillion).