Even before the MWC conference started, Google announced the Gemini chatbot in Messeges and the integration of AI into Android Auto.

Now users don’t have to install a separate Gemini app on their device to use it. The chatbot can be interacted with via Google’s Messages app. Gemini in Messages will perform basic tasks, such as writing messages and helping to schedule events.

The feature is still in beta testing and should be available this week in English only.

As for Android Auto, Google said that the addition of artificial intelligence will help minimize driver distraction. The application will now be able to read and summarize the content of a long message or even a group chat.

Android Auto will also be able to offer options for responding to messages depending on the context of the conversation, for example, by pressing one button, the app will be able to send a message with the expected time of arrival at the address.

This update was presented in a short video.