The Nova-C (Odysseus) lander of the private American company Intuitive Machines has successfully landed on the lunar surface. The manufacturer announced this on the X platform.

“Odysseus has a new home,” Intuitive Machines wrote shortly.

This mission is followed by millions of people. It is important for a variety of reasons. For example, this is the first time in history that a private company’s vehicle has landed on the lunar surface.

Besides, the mission is important not only for private business, but also for the United States in general. The fact is that the country has not made a successful landing on the Moon since 1972.

According to NASA, Intuitive Machines’ Odysseus landed at 01:23 Kyiv time. The lander delivered scientific instruments to the lunar surface to prepare for research as part of the upcoming Artemis mission.

“Your order was delivered… to the Moon,” NASA wrote.

As a reminder, SpaceX sent a lander built by Intuitive Machines Inc. to the moon on February 15. Soon after, the company shared the first images of Odysseus against the Earth.