The social network Bluesky announced its decentralization. Users will now be able to store their data on their own.

During registration, Bluesky will store user account data on its default server. But if the user wishes, they can choose their own server to store this data.

This way, users will be able to transfer their existing posts, likes, and followers to another company’s platform. If Bluesky goes bankrupt or is acquired by another company, users who post their data independently will have an additional level of security.

But you need to understand that Bluesky will not turn into another Mastodon. The ribbon in Bluesky will remain public and accessible to everyone, while Mastodon allows you to create completely independent and unrelated bubbles.

In addition, Mastodon does not allow users to transfer their data to another server, while Bluesky allows users to transfer their data from server to server without losing any posts or subscriptions. At any time, the user can return to hosting their data by the social network itself.