After the launch of the new electric models Volvo EX30, Volvo EX90, Volvo EM90, Volvo has actually started to form a new line, which indexing begins with the letter “E”: it is logical that these are exclusively electric cars.

Therefore, it is only logical that other existing Volvo electric vehicles have also received new designations. That’s how the new Volvo EC40 and Volvo EX40 electric cars appeared – which are nothing more than the already well-known Volvo C40 and Volvo XC40 models, respectively.

The company has prepared a batch of small updates for the launch of the two “new” Volvo EC40 and Volvo EX40 models. First, it is the Performance package for top versions with two engines and all-wheel drive. This package allows you to increase power from 408 hp to 442 hp, and also provides new settings for the accelerator pedal – the response to pressing should be more active.

Secondly, a Black Edition version is being launched for the new models. In keeping with its name, this version features a black body color, black logos, and black 20-inch wheels.

Sales of the Volvo EC40 and Volvo EX40 electric vehicles will soon begin in Europe, after which the new products may come to Ukraine.