Finally, the Volvo EM90 electric car, whose photos were posted online a month ago, has been officially unveiled. But now we have full information and detailed high-quality photos. So, Volvo’s first electric minivan – what does it look like?

First, it is large: the electric vehicle has a 5.21-meter length and a 3.2-meter wheelbase. Secondly, it is recognizable: the Volvo EM90 minivan has “Thor’s hammer” headlights, elongated vertical lights, flat massive doors, and distinctive 19- or even 20-inch wheels.

Thirdly, the Volvo EM90 minivan will be a 6-seater with three rows of paired seats.

Up front, the front panel attracts attention with its laconic style: a pair of displays, a center console with a crystal joystick, and light décor. In the rear, there are two separate seats with leg support, tables and numerous adjustments, and a 15.6-inch display on the ceiling. Finally, there are a couple of additional third-row seats in the rear.

In addition, there is room for a rather large battery – 116 kWh is claimed, which should be enough for 738 km of run. However, this is according to the CLTC measurement cycle: that is, you need to subtract 10-20% (if not more) to get the real mileage. An electric motor with a capacity of 200 kW or 272 hp and rear-wheel drive are also announced.

It is currently known that the Volvo EM90 will be offered in China for about $115 thousand. I wonder if it would have a chance to be sold in Europe?