Microsoft and Asobo Studio continue to work with movie companies to add iconic aircraft from various films to Microsoft Flight Simulator. In 2022, the game featured the F/A-18E Super Hornet deck-based multi-role fighter and missions from the movie Top Gun: Maverick, this time featuring the iconic ornithopter and the planet Arrakis from the movie Dune. The expansion is dedicated to the release of the movie Dune: Part Two.

The free Dune Expansion, which is available now from the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace, contains three training missions to teach players how to fly the Royal Atridian Ornithopter and six missions on Arrakis. The first five are time trials races, and the last is a rescue mission in which the pilot must rescue his instructor before he is covered by a massive sandstorm. It seems that Microsoft and Asobo Studio are gradually preparing for the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, which will have many more such story missions.