At the very least, this is what auto magazine promises: a debut in 2014 and a sales launch in 2025. The new Volvo ES90 electric sedan will fulfill a dual mission at the same time – a replacement for the already aging Volvo S90 model, as well as a competitor for the BMW i5 and Mercedes EQE.

The new Volvo ES90 sedan must meet this high level. Therefore, it is expected that the electric vehicle will receive a battery with a nominal capacity of 111 kWh (107 is actually used), which will allow it to travel up to 600 km on a single full charge. In addition, you can count on a power of up to 640-650 “horses”: the Geely Galaxy E8 and Zeekr 007 electric cars have similar power, with which the new Volvo ES90 sedan can share a platform.

This is no joke. After all, the production line is currently being set up and prototypes of the Volvo ES90, currently codenamed V551, are being launched at the Chinese plants of the parent company Geely.

The Volvo ES90 model is expected to have a new design in the same style as the compact crossover Volvo EX30. Although, perhaps, a comparison with the large electric car Volvo EX90 would be more correct, as the Volvo ES90 sedan must be quite large: almost 5 meters long and 1.95 meters wide.

However, we will know the full technical specifications of the new Volvo ES90 model closer to its official debut. This should happen in the middle of this year.