BMW has taken a new next “big step”: it means the debut of the new BMW 5 series car and the BMW i5 electric car with the body of the G60. For the German company, such a “five” has always been very important from the point of view of sales (and making money), so you need to be careful not to scare traditional customers off and at the same time impress new buyers. Did it work?

In terms of dimensions and overall design, it’s possible. The new BMW 5 series sedan G60 has a modern design, pointed headlights, modified signature “Hofmeister kink”, and narrow taillights. And it also has huge dimensions: the total length exceeds five meters (5.06 m), and the wheelbase reaches almost three (2.995 m) – recently these were the dimensions of the BMW 7 series. The wheels can be 19-21 inches in size, sports suspension, and steering wheel adjustment are provided, and there is also the possibility of ordering nostrils with illumination.

The interior in the front part also resembles the 7 series. And now we are not talking about two combined and curved displays (12.3 and 14.9 inches), but about an optional translucent line – it has a backlight and runs the entire width of the front panel, and even enters the door. Several touch switches can also be placed here. In addition, sensors found a place on the spokes of the steering wheel.

And it is also interesting that in the official photos of the BMW 5-series G60, you can see a hatch in the front wing – this indicates a hybrid with the possibility of recharging. However, such versions will appear only in 2024, and the BMW 5 series G60 begins its career with conventional 4- and 6-cylinder engines. Which, however, has a 48-volt addition in the form of a “mild hybrid”. The starting option is the BMW 520i gasoline sedan (208 hp) with rear-wheel drive and 8-speed automatic transmission. An alternative is the BMW 520d diesel version (197 hp), which is also offered with an automatic transmission, but already gives a choice between rear and all-wheel drive. Finally, in certain markets, the BMW 5 Series G60 will be available in gasoline versions 530i (258 hp) rear/four-wheel drive and 540i (381 hp) four-wheel drive versions.

In addition, the BMW 5-series will be available as an electric car right from the start of sales – with its own name BMW i5 G60. The BMW i5 electric lineup is opened by the eDrive 40 version with rear-wheel drive and one electric motor with a capacity of 250 kW or 340 hp.

From the outside, the BMW i5 electric car does not differ much from the BMW 5 series sedan, but the original front bumper with a dark insert, a modified rear bumper, and its logo on the trunk lid is still noticeable. Also noticeable is the black decoration of the thresholds, which clearly indicates the placement of a battery with a capacity of 81-84 kWh (useful and nominal capacity). The battery can be charged up to 205 kW using DC at fast charging stations or up to 22 kW using AC and a home/office power supply. The battery should be enough for a mileage of 455-582 km (WLTP), depending on driving conditions and the version of the electric car.

Yes, because the BMW i5 electric car will be offered in more than one version. The BMW i5 M60 xDrive version has already been announced, which is currently the most powerful and dynamic in the new BMW 5-series sedan lineup. Thanks to two electric motors with a total power of 601 hp they managed to implement all-wheel drive and provide acceleration from 0-100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds. In general, the BMW i5 M60 xDrive electric car is capable of reaching 230 km/h – that is, the maximum speed is not as impressive as the acceleration indicator. But all other “M-sport” details are in place: sports suspension and reduced ground clearance, large wheels and powerful M-brakes modified rear diffuser, and red accents in the interior.

Production of the new BMW 5-series sedan and the BMW i5 electric car will begin in Germany soon. Currently, only approximate European prices are known: BMW 5 series sedan – from 57,000 euros, BMW i5 electric car – from 70,000 euros, sports version BMW i5 M60 xDrive – from 99,000 euros. It remained only to wait for the Ukrainian price and the start of sales to learn more details.