Starfield was one of the most anticipated games. A new major project from Bethesda, which for the first time in many years is releasing a new IP, which, however, failed to become truly new.

The game has 86,965 ratings and reviews left by players on Steam since its release, and they are “mixed,” but the last 7,372 ratings have fallen to “mostly negative.”

Players mostly complain about the weak story and outdated gameplay, and that the game gets boring and boring. Interestingly, this opinion is shared by both players who have played up to 10 hours and those who have played more than 100.

“I tried. I really tried. I tried for 62 hours. But I’m sorry, the game is not that good at all. Its problems are well documented, and honestly, if there were only 2 or 3 of all the problems this game has, I could live with it. But all of the problems combined make it a pretty bad experience, or at best, ‘meh’,” one player wrote.

The day before, Bethesda also shared plans for Starfield for 2024 and shared statistics. Since its release, more than 13 million people have played the new space adventure on all platforms. Going forward, the studio plans to release updates for the game every 6 weeks, adding new content and changes to the gameplay.

Bethesda is also working on a major expansion planned for 2024, and Phil Spencer believes that the game will be played as much as Skyrim, but the studio will have to work hard to make it true.