Bethesda revealed the results of Starfield for the first four months of 2023 and the studio’s plans for 2024.

Bethesda estimates the number of players who have played the new space RPG across all platforms at 13 million. At the same time, players have visited almost 2 billion planets in total, an average of 150 planets per person, meaning they really played and played a lot. 1.6 million players finished the storyline of Starfield, which is also a lot, considering that many users did not even touch the story missions, just exploring the Galaxy, completing side quests, building ships and outposts.


As for the plans for 2024, starting in February, Bethesda is going to update Starfield every 6 weeks, adding new features, content, gameplay updates, etc. These updates include a new way of traveling, maps of cities and settlements, new options for ship and base design, more flexible difficulty settings, official support for Creation Kit and mods.

In addition, the studio is working on a major storyline expansion for Shattered Space, which is due out in 2024.

As a reminder, Phil Spencer believes that Starfield will be played as much as Skyrim.