During an interview at the 2023 Comic Con Experience – São Paulo, Phil Spencer, chairman of XBOX, said that he sees Starfield being played for many years to come with the advent of many mods, just like Skyrim, which is still popular today, writes Wccftech.

In addition, Phil said that the game has already been played by more than 12 million players since launch, and that it is still among the 10 most popular games from internal studios.

“You never know when something is going to be a hit, but it was nice to see how successful it’s been. In fact, Starfield has now had over 12 million players since its launch and it still sits in our top 10 most played games from our studios, so thank you everybody for all the support on Starfield and making it a tremendous hit.”

As for the future of the game, Phil is convinced that the game will be able to stay afloat for a long time:

“That’s our goal. You know, Skyrim is such an amazing hit from Bethesda Game Studios. Talking to Todd Howard and the team, really what they wanted to do is give people who love space and space exploration that same opportunity. We’ve already announced that we’ve got our next expansion coming, Shattered Space. We’ve already told the community that they’ll get all the mod tools so they can go and create their own content in Starfield, which has been so important to Skyrim, so a ton of confidence that for many many years Starfield will be sitting very high.”

Despite the fact that Phil Spencer mentioned the first expansion, Shattered Space, its release date and any details remain unknown.