NASA and IBM create artificial intelligence for weather programs

NASA and IBM have joined forces to develop a new artificial intelligence framework for better analysis in climate and weather forecasting applications. According to the companies, the new model will have “significant advantages over existing technologies.”

The point is to create a fundamental model, a basic technology that will allow generative AIs to create more accurate weather forecasts in the future.

Compared to other similar models, IBM and NASA want their technology to have expanded availability, faster time to inference, and a greater variety of data.

The new model is expected to be able to “detect conditions favorable for everything from airplane turbulence to forest fires.”

“Once trained, the model will be made openly available on Hugging Face, making weather and climate modeling much more accessible to the global research community. This work is part of a larger effort by IBM and NASA to develop foundation models that can answer some of the most pressing questions about our changing climate and environment,” was written in the official announcement.