The Webb telescope showed how new stars form in the Virgo constellation

Recent images from the James Webb Telescope have revealed the barred spiral galaxy NGC 5068, named so for its bright inner bar. The galaxy was recorded in the constellation Virgo at a distance of about 20 million light years from Earth, reports Engadget. The images were combined from infrared images ... Read more

Boeing and NASA have again postponed the launch of the Starliner spacecraft

The first flight of the Starliner spacecraft with a crew to the International Space Station, which was supposed to take place on July 21, has been postponed. This was announced by representatives of NASA and the Boeing company, writes The New York Times. The decision came after engineers discovered two ... Read more

NASA experts analyzed 800 UFO sightings, but could not explain only up to 5% of events

NASA experts analyzed 800 cases of UFO sightings over 27 years and found only 2 to 5% of events to be truly inexplicable. This was reported by The Register. The group formed last year consists of 16 people, from scientists and business managers to federal employees and a former astronaut. ... Read more

NASA selected Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin as the second developer of the lunar lander

NASA decided to choose another developer of the lunar lander for the Artemis mission and it became Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin. Now SpaceX and Blue Origin will compete for which one of them is better, more comfortable, safer, and cheaper to deliver astronauts to the moon. After NASA selected ... Read more

Images from the Perseverance rover may show traces of a river on Mars

New images from NASA’s Perseverance rover may reveal traces of a rollicking Martian river that was wider and deeper than scientists have ever seen here. It is reported in a message from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The river was part of a network of waterways that flowed into Jesero Crater, ... Read more

The explosion of the Up Aerospace rocket prevented the launch of 120 capsules with cremated human remains into space

120 capsules containing cremated human remains were found after the Up Aerospace rocket carrying the ashes for a space memorial service exploded over the New Mexico desert. This is written by Gizmodo. Up Aerospace launched the suborbital rocket on Monday at 12:45 p.m. ET. It carried more than ten student ... Read more

NASA has figured out how to extend the operation of the Voyager 2 space probe instruments

Scientific instruments of the Voyager-2 spacecraft will work longer than expected. This was reported by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Due to the gradual loss of energy supply, scientists planned to turn off one of the five scientific instruments of the device that explores interstellar space already this year. However, redirecting ... Read more

NASA assures: the flash in the sky over Kyiv is not its satellite

The mysterious flash in the sky over Kyiv on the evening of April 19 was not the fall of a NASA satellite. This was reported by BBC with reference to the American space agency. The head of the Kyiv Military Administration, Serhii Popko, reported on the potential connection between the ... Read more

Director of the Goddard Space Flight Center swore oath on Carl Sagan’s book Pale Blue Dot

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson appointed the new director of the Goddard Space Flight Center, one of NASA’s largest and oldest facilities. The position was taken by planetary scientist Dr. Makenzie Lystrup. The new director took the oath on a rather unusual book. Instead of the Bible or the US Constitution, ... Read more

Hubble telescope may have discovered a supermassive black hole that leaves behind a plume of newborn stars

The Hubble Space Telescope may have detected a supermassive black hole that is now hurtling through space and leaving behind a plume of newborn stars. The object, which is estimated to be 20 million times more massive than the Sun, is believed to have been forcibly ejected from its galaxy ... Read more

Nokia will launch 4G Internet on the Moon

Nokia has announced that it will send equipment for the deployment of 4G networks to the Moon during an upcoming space mission. The company hopes that this step will pave the way for new discoveries and create opportunities for a human presence on the Moon and beyond. The system is ... Read more

Astronomers have discovered a new black hole that weighs 30 billion times the mass of the Sun

A group of astronomers found a black hole weighing 30 billion times the mass of our Sun. This is seven thousand times more than the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. According to the press release of Durham University, the newly discovered black hole is the ... Read more

NASA has spotted a “coronal hole” in the Sun the size of 20-30 Earth-sized planets

This week NASA astronomers noticed a gaping, black region on the sun, the so-called coronal hole. The “hole” isn’t really a hole, but rather is a large region much cooler than the rest of the Sun. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) expects, the dynamics of the coronal hole were expected ... Read more

NASA signed a $112 million contract with Firefly Aerospace to put a lander on the far side of the Moon

NASA has selected American rocket company Firefly Aerospace to put a lander on the far side of the moon in 2026 in a contract worth under a nearly $112 million contract, reports Reuters. “The commercial lander will deliver two agency payloads, as well as communication and data relay satellite for ... Read more

NASA has chosen Axiom Space for the third astronaut mission to the ISS

NASA again has chosen Axiom Space‘s proposal for the third private flight of astronauts to the International Space Station. Both parties have already signed flight orders and hope to launch in November 2023 or later from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. A more precise date will be announced later, ... Read more

James Webb Space Telescope captured a rare star that is about to become supernova

NASA shared an image from the James Webb Telescope, which may help astronomers finally answer long-standing questions about our universe. The image shows WR 124, a star located in the constellation Sagittarius, approximately 15,000 light-years from Earth. When JWST first sighted WR 124 in June 2022, it captured a Wolf-Rayet-class ... Read more

NASA plans to spend about $1 billion to remove the ISS from orbit

NASA plans to spend about $1 billion to de-orbit the International Space Station as the orbiting laboratory expires in the 2030s, reports The Register. A report released this week shows that NASA will continue to support projects on the ISS, but is also considering building a new space lab and ... Read more

New study of NASA’s DART mission suggests that altering the course of an asteroid could work to protect Earth

A series of new studies analyzing NASA’s DART mission to derail an asteroid have confirmed that humanity potentially has a tool to protect our planet from a devastating impact. On September 26, 2022, humanity changed the course of a celestial object for the first time in history by deliberately crashing ... Read more

Samples from asteroid suggest space rocks brought the ingredients for life to Earth

Scientists have confirmed the presence of organic molecules in samples taken from the Ryugu asteroid, adding credence to the idea that the ingredients for life came to Earth via meteorite and asteroid impacts. Ryugu is a primitive carbonaceous asteroid, a rocky remnant from the formation of the Solar System more ... Read more

The Curiosity rover has discovered evidence of ancient water on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover recently discovered some of the most compelling evidence of ancient water on Mars. This evidence is rippled stones formed by the waves. These ripples formed billions of years ago when the surface of Mars was still covered with water. Probes around the planet are exploring these ancient ... Read more

NASA will test nuclear rocket engines for manned missions to Mars

NASA is returning to the idea of sending people to Mars. It is collaborating with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to test a nuclear rocket engine in space with the goal of using the technology for manned missions to the Red Planet. The agencies hope to demonstrate advanced ... Read more

Gems discovered on Mars may indicate extraterrestrial life – NASA

NASA’s Curiosity rover has discovered a large number of opals on Mars that could help solve the question of whether life ever existed on the Red Planet and provide water for any future human missions to the Martian surface. Considered a gemstone, opals display shimmering colors that usually look like ... Read more

On the trampoline: russia will send a “rescue” spacecraft to the ISS

russia prepares “rescue” mission after coolant leak on the capsule of the Soyuz spacecraft docked to the International Space Station (ISS). NASA reported at a briefing for the mass media that the russian agency Roscosmos will send an empty Soyuz to the station on February 20 as a replacement for ... Read more

The first exoplanet discovered by the James Webb Space Telescope is almost the same size as Earth, but it looks like Venus

In the first six months of its operation, the James Webb Space Telescope has already received visually stunning and scientifically impressive results, and recently recorded another major milestone: discovery of the first exoplanet. The planet, named LHS 475b, is located in the Aries constellation, 41 light-years from the Sun, and ... Read more

NASA is discussing with SpaceX the possibility of returning Russian cosmonauts on Crew Dragon

The epic of the leaky Soyuz MS-22 continues. According to Reuters, NASA is discussing with SpaceX the possibility of returning Russian cosmonauts on Crew Dragon. It is not clear whether they are talking about the Crew Dragon Endurance of the SpaceX Crew-5 mission, which is currently docked with the ISS, ... Read more