Paralyzed man walks again thanks to brain and spine implants – study

Scientists were able to restore control of the lower part of the body to a paralyzed man thanks to implants in the brain and spine. This is reported by The New York Times with reference to research by Swiss specialists in the journal Nature. Gert-Jan Oskam was living in China ... Read more

Some neural networks can learn language like humans – study

Some neural networks learn a language like humans. This is evidenced by the results of a study by computer linguist Gašper Beguš from the University of California at Berkeley, writes Quanta magazine. Together with his colleagues, he compared the brain waves of humans listening to a simple sound to the ... Read more

The battle for chips between Washington and Beijing could hurt American technology – NVIDIA

The U.S. tech industry risks being hit hard by an escalating chip battle between Washington and Beijing. This is the opinion in the interview with Financial Times that was expressed by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. He said US export controls had left a group of Silicon Valley companies “with our ... Read more

Bill Gates predicts the emergence of a digital agent that will change people’s behavior

The next leading company in the field of artificial intelligence will most likely create a personal digital agent that can perform certain tasks for humans. This opinion was expressed by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates during the Goldman Sachs and SV Angel event in San Francisco, writes CNBC. In his opinion, ... Read more

Samsung Display introduced Rollable Flex – a display that can be rolled up

Samsung Display showed a new type of display for mobile devices called Rollable Flex OLED: it can be rolled and unrolled vertically like a roll of paper. The Rollable Flex is 49 mm tall when rolled, and 254.4 mm when unrolled. According to Samsung Display, this allows you to easily ... Read more

They work in restaurants and hospitals: the pandemic caused the popularity of robotic services

The pandemic has accelerated the demand for robots with a digital “face” and the ability to talk. They are gaining popularity in the retail and service industries, where they work with employees and customers. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal. One such example is the Moxi robot of ... Read more

China has banned American chipmaker Micron from participating in key infrastructure projects

The trade and technology war between China and the USA is reaching a new level. Now not only US and Allies restrict China’s access to chip nanufacturing equipment and stop granting export licenses to some Chinese companies. China strikes back by banning US memory maker Micron Technology from participation in ... Read more

Apple has restricted the use of ChatGPT and banned Copilot for employees

Apple has restricted the use of ChatGPT and other external AI tools to some employees as it develops its own similar technology. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal by reading the relevant document. According to it, the company is concerned about the possible disclosure of confidential data by ... Read more

In New York public schools, students will be taught how to use AI

New York Public Schools will encourage and support teachers and students who are studying and researching artificial intelligence technology. A repository and community will also be created here to share their findings in schools. This was written by New York Public Schools Chancellor David Banks for Chalkbeat. “Furthermore, we are ... Read more

Scientists have shown the first unique 3D reconstruction of the Titanic based on 16 terabytes of data

Scientists have conducted the first full-scale 3D digital reconstruction of the sunken Titanic. This made it possible to show the liner with incredible detail, reports Ars Technica. Scanning during a six-week expedition last summer was organized by Magellan Ltd (deep-sea mapping) and Atlantic Productions (filming a documentary about the project). ... Read more

Windcatcher: a unique wind turbine with a water wall made of blades is being developed in Norway

Wind energy is actively exploring new ways of development and offers more and more innovative solutions. Therefore, not only traditional huge turbines, but also more compact models with a different design may appear in the industry soon, reports CNBC. For example, Wind Catching Systems in Norway is focused on the ... Read more

Magic Editor — a new AI photo editing tool in Google Photos

During the Google I/O 2023 conference, the company talked about the new Google Photos service tool – Magic Editor. It uses generative AI to make major changes to photos without using professional tools. The operation of this tool was demonstrated on the example of two pictures: a woman against the ... Read more

AMD is counting on Samsung’s production capacity

AMD is obviously trying to diversify the production of its processors. For some time, the “reds” completely relied on the Taiwanese silicon giant – TSMC, but the possibilities of the latter are not limitless. Factories producing 4nm wafers are loaded with orders from Apple and Qualcomm, so apparently AMD can’t ... Read more

A new tracker from Tile will help you find your cat

Tile has long been engaged in the production of trackers that help not to lose things – for example, keys or a wallet. What about pets? After all, they also sometimes like to hide in such a way that you won’t find them. The new Tile for Cats accessory will ... Read more

Brave1 platform for defense technology developers was created in Ukraine

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine launched the defense-tech cluster BRAVE1 to accelerate the implementation of defense developments. This was stated in the agency’s message on Facebook. “BRAVE1 is a single platform for the cooperation of defense-tech companies, the state, and the military, as well as investors, volunteer funds, ... Read more

Xerox announced the transfer of the legendary PARC to the non-profit institute SRI International

Xerox Holdings announced about the donation of Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) to the non-profit institute SRI International. This will allow Xerox to fully focus on innovation in its own print, digital and IT services, and the PARC team to join a leading research institution and begin a new phase ... Read more

The Merlin Bird ID app has learned to recognize more than 6,000 species of birds by their photos and calls

The free Merlin Bird ID mobile app has learned to identify more than 6,000 species of birds on six continents by their photos, songs and calls, potentially saving their populations. This is reported by CBS News. “The idea for this app came from just wanting to help people answer the ... Read more

The US asks South Korea not to supply microchips to China in case of a shortage

The United States has asked South Korea to urge its chipmakers not to fill a shortfall in the Chinese market if Beijing bans U.S. company Micron Technology Inc from selling chips, reports Economic Times with reference to the Financial Times. The news appeared on the eve of the visit of ... Read more

Finally something new: the startup Humane showed a wearable device with a projection screen

Former Apple designer Imran Chaudhri, who created the iPhone interface, showed at the TED 2023 conference a device from his startup Humane, which promises to make technology less intrusive and more human. This development remained a secret for a long time, and Chaudhri finally showed what the company is working ... Read more

Parsec – an Earth-Moon communication and navigation network from Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin announced the creation of a subsidiary Crescent Space, which will take care of the development of Parsec communication and navigation satellite networks in the Earth-Moon system. The need for stable communications and a reliable positioning system on the Moon and its orbit is related to the increase in ... Read more

AirPods are basically AirTags: a passenger found her earbuds at the home of an airport employee

Two years ago, Apple released AirTag – a small device that can help find lost things using the Find My network. AirPods have a similar functionality, thanks to which one of the passengers of the plane was able to track and return the stolen accessory. Alisabeth Hayden lost her AirPods ... Read more

Floating solar panels can fully power thousands of cities

Thousands of cities around the world could power themselves entirely using solar panels on reservoirs, reports The Verge. It’s a relatively simple way to generate renewable energy locally while conserving water. New research, published in the journal Nature Sustainability, shows what potential cities can realize thanks to this new technology. ... Read more

The Netherlands has supported the US fight against China by restricting the export of tools for the production of chips

The Netherlands has unveiled plans to restrict exports of key chip-making tools. This is an important step in the ongoing US effort to limit China’s access to high-performance semiconductors, reports Financial Times. The deal, which is expected to include control of critical chip manufacturing technologies from Dutch multinational ASML, was ... Read more

The Humane startup of former Apple executives has raised $100 million and is collaborating with Microsoft and OpenAI

Humane, a startup founded by former Apple executives, announced a new round of investment of $100 million and a partnership with OpenAI and Microsoft, reports WSJ. The startup, founded by Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, plans to release a product this spring that incorporates artificial intelligence into user devices. The ... Read more

Google has laid off not only 12,000 workers, but also 100 Everyday Robots

In addition to 12,000 employees Google made the difficult decision to fire 100 robots that worked on the company’s campus. We are talking about one-armed service robots Everyday Robots from the Google division of the same name. These rather strange-looking machines helped to serve company workers and clean cafeterias, as ... Read more