Microsoft will allow you to use an Android smartphone as a webcam through the Phone Link program

Microsoft will improve its Phone Link program, which connects Windows and Android devices, by adding the ability to stream images from a smartphone’s camera to a computer, according to Android Authority. This will allow you to use any Android smartphone as a webcam, providing higher image quality when using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and other applications.

Apple already offers a similar feature called Continuity Camera, which allows you to automatically connect your iPhone camera to macOS during video calls. Google itself has also implemented this feature in Pixel smartphones with Android 14, though to activate it, the device needs to be connected to a computer via a USB cable.

Microsoft has not yet announced when the functionality will be available in Phone Link, but the latest update of the program revealed code indicating the ability to stream video from a smartphone camera to an Android camera on Windows.

The code also contains links to pause and resume video, resolve overheating issues, and various video effects such as HDR, filters, and stabilization. When Phone Link is running, users will see a notification asking them to allow their computer to stream video from their smartphone’s camera.

Potentially, the new feature could appear as early as the beginning of next year. Microsoft often introduces new features in the Phone Link program simultaneously with the launch of Samsung’s flagship smartphones, and the Galaxy S24 line is traditionally scheduled to be released in late January or early February.