Google is focused on making sure Android works as well as possible with every update

During an interview at The Android Show, Dave Burke, vice president of Android development, said that Google is focused on making the system work as well as possible with Android updates, writes 9to5Google. According to Deyav, quality is a priority for developers when working on new versions of the operating ... Read more

Android 14 with enhanced customization options and AI-generated wallpapers has been released

Android 14, Google’s new operating system, has been officially released, building on the foundation laid by Android 13. This new version introduces a host of features aimed at improving interface customization, providing more control over health and safety, and improving accessibility. Personalization and self-expression in Android 14: The operating system ... Read more

Too much work: the Linux community is abandoning 6 years of kernel support. This will have consequences for Android as well

Recently, at the Open Source Summit Europe, it was announced that the period of long-term support for the Linux kernel (LTS) will be reduced, ArsTechnica reports. In 2017, the duration of LTS was increased from two years to six. However, after six years, the Linux community has found that it ... Read more

Google has updated the Android logo and released a package of updates for applications and services

Google has released a package of updates for its applications and services and unveiled a new Android logo, writes The Verge. For example, the At a Glance widget has been redesigned and offers more useful information about local weather, events, and travel. The company has also updated Wallet to make ... Read more

Android will be able to transfer eSIMs between smartphones

Google is working on an eSIM porting feature for Android devices to simplify a cumbersome process that currently depends on carriers. Unlike Apple’s wireless eSIM card transfer tool between iPhones, Google is using a QR code-based approach for Android, writes 9to5Google. Today, transferring an eSIM card between Android devices is ... Read more

Why do young people in the US hate Android?

A recent survey of teenagers in the United States showed that 87% of them have an iPhone and have no plans to switch to another platform. They have their reasons, as described in an article by The Wall Street Journal. Most teenagers in the United States perceive Android smartphones as ... Read more

Firefox on Android gets an open ecosystem of extensions

Mozilla has announced the upcoming launch of an open extension platform at for the Android version of Firefox. As you know, only a small number of select extensions are officially available for the mobile version of the browser. Mozilla is now building the infrastructure to support an open ecosystem ... Read more

Android smartphones have started receiving unknown tracker notifications

In addition to their direct use, trackers like Apple AirTag, Tile, and others have become a tool for unwanted surveillance of people. These are not only cases of privacy violations and harassment, but also, for example, the tracking of cars with subsequent theft. Not immediately, but manufacturers have responded to ... Read more

Google Messages now provides full end-to-end encryption for RCS on Android

Google has announced that Rich Communication Services (RCS) messages in the Messages app on Android smartphones will now be fully end-to-end encrypted by default. This important update ensures that messages remain private, protected from both Google and carriers. Google also announced that group chats in Messages will now support end-to-end ... Read more

Google has officially launched Nearby Share for Windows, sharing files between PC and Android should become easier

After the successful completion of beta testing, Google has officially launched Nearby Share for Windows, a new way to share files between Windows-based computers and Android smartphones. The beta version of the program, which managed to install 1.7 million users, has now been replaced by a stable release that has ... Read more

Fairphone promises 7 years of Android updates, more than any manufacturer including Google

Fairphone, which focuses on building repairable smartphones, has announced the support of a whole 7 years of Android operating system updates by its the Fairphone 3 model released in 2019, surpassing all other manufacturers, including Google, reports ArsTechnica. Although Fairphone is a small manufacturer and depends on the will of ... Read more

Meta plans to allow EU residents to download apps through Facebook ads

Meta plans to allow EU residents to download apps through Facebook ads, which will eventually allow the company to compete with Google and Apple’s app stores. This is reported by The Verge. The new ad type is set to launch as a pilot project with several Android app developers later ... Read more

Android’s Emergency SOS feature also causes unnecessary problems for emergency services

A quick call to emergency services is one of the functions of most modern smartphones. But sometimes such capabilities can hamper emergency services due to accidental activations. For example, the iPhone’s Crash Detection function detected road accidents when users were in amusement parks or at music festivals. And with Android ... Read more

Google updates the Android logo: now in 3D

9to5Google has drawn attention to the fact that the Google company still began to update the Android logo, which it showed in the distant (by the standards of the technology world) year 2019. For a long time, the “green robot” was flat with different font options for the Android inscription, ... Read more

iOS 16 is installed on 81% of iPhones, Android 13 on only 14.7% of devices

It’s no secret that thanks to Apple’s hardware and software development, it is possible to distribute new versions of the iOS operating system for the iPhone very quickly. The company’s latest statistics says that the latest iOS 16 is installed on 81% of all iPhones currently in use. And for ... Read more

A CIRP survey revealed why users are switching from Android to iPhone

Often, statistical data on the use of smartphones include the item “switchers” – users who, for various reasons, changed the operating system of the smartphone. But the reason that preceded such a change is also interesting. This became the driving force for another survey by CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners), ... Read more

Google Wallet now supports ID documents and various club cards

Google Wallet users will soon be able to add new types of documents and cards to their wallet. In particular, residents of the American state of Maryland will be the first to have the opportunity to add their ID card or driver’s license. Owners of Android smartphones running Android 8.0 ... Read more

The At a Glance widget on Pixel smartphones will show you when your taxi arrives

It looks like Google is preparing a new feature for their At a Glance widget that is available on Pixel smartphones. A new Ridesharing option has appeared in the settings, which shows the status of your ride in the Uber or Lyft services on the main screen of the device. ... Read more

Microsoft is increasing the number of Android apps available on Windows 11

Microsoft has given early access to the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 in February, but at that time only about 50 specially selected applications were available to users. After that, the company increased their number to 20 thousand, but still a significant part of the assortment of this store remained ... Read more

Millions of Android smartphones and TVs came with malware that could not be removed

Android devices have a complicated relationship with security. Although the operating system itself and Google Pixel smartphones have shown resistance to software exploits over time, the frequent appearance of malicious applications in Google Play and the vulnerability of devices from some third-party manufacturers have somewhat tarnished Android’s reputation as a ... Read more

Nearby Share between Android and Windows should work in almost all countries

A month ago Google started testing Nearby Share app for Windows. It is similar to Apple Airdrop, which allows Android smartphone users to share files with Windows computers. Back then, the beta was geographically restricted and might not be available in every country. Now information has changed on the support ... Read more

The first beta version of Android 14 has not yet brought significant changes

Google has released the first of four planned public beta versions of Android 14, following the previous two for developers. This beta version is now available to install on supported Pixel devices, starting with the Pixel 4a 5G. It’s important to note that Android betas are for developers who want ... Read more

Android smartphones can now automatically archive infrequently used applications without completely deleting them

Google introduced a new automatic backup tool for Android devices that aims to free up memory space without completely deleting unused apps. The feature was first announced by Google last May and is now available for Android users. According to Google, the auto-archive feature can automatically reduce the amount of ... Read more

Google will soon introduce the ability to find even turned off smartphones through Find My Device

Several recent iPhone models with iOS 15 release in 2021 were able to support Find My even when turned off. In this way, a lost or stolen smartphone should still be displayed in the search engine, regardless of its current state. Google is also preparing its response to similar functionality ... Read more

Google Play will require all Android apps to allow users to delete data

In an effort to improve data security in the Play Store, Google has announced that all Android apps must allow users to delete their account data. The Data Safety section of the Play Store now allows developers to notify users that they can “request all the data deleted.” In the ... Read more