How to convert photos to anime in the Loopsie app – instructions for iOS users

Artificial intelligence is becoming a part of many modern developments. Some of them are intended to help with work, while others are aimed at diversifying leisure activities. One way or another, the number of AI products is increasing every day.

For example, the Loopsie app is gaining popularity. This is because it can turn ordinary photos into anime thanks to artificial intelligence.

Only iOS users can try the mobile app for now. To do this, you need to download it:

  • Download on the App Store;
  • Select a special Old School Anime filter;
  • Import your photos from the gallery;
  • In a few minutes, you will get a finished result.

Although the filter isn’t perfect yet, users are definitely delighted with the finished images and actively share them on the X platform.

Apparently, Loopsie has caught the fancy of both female and male audiences.

It is interesting that not only people, but also objects and cities become the heroes of the pictures. For example, Kyiv.

The description of the app says that it can be used to create various effects, not just anime.

“Loopsie lets you create stunning video and photo effects. 3D photos, smart long exposure, easy trails, live photos and much more. All in one app without any professional equipment. Just a little creativity and your photos will come to life with a stunning cinematic effect,” says the description of Loopsie.

The app was created in 2018 and now supports more than 10 languages.