In light of Unity’s recent announcement that they will charge a fee for every game installed on their engine” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>that they will charge a fee for every game installed on their engine, and then attempts to “outplay” this decision, the developer of Terraria, Re-Logic, expressed its position. The company criticized Unity’s decision, calling it “predatory” and expressing strong disapproval of the proposed changes and the way they were implemented. Re-Logic emphasized that they are disappointed that Unity has disregarded the trust they have built over the years with publishers, studios, and gamers.

To support alternative solutions, Re-Logic has announced a $100,000 donation to each of the open source game engines Godot and FNA. In addition, they have committed to donating $1,000 to both projects every month.

Terraria, developed by Re-Logic, has been a great success over the years, becoming one of the best-selling video games on various platforms. The developer’s generous contribution has been well received by the community, underscoring the appreciation for their support in the face of Unity’s controversial move.