European users of Instagram and Facebook will be able to access Stories, Reels, and Search without Meta recommendation algorithms. This was stated by Nick Clegg, the company’s president of global affairs, according to The Verge.

“For example, on Facebook and Instagram, users will have the option to view Stories and Reels only from people they follow, ranked in chronological order, newest to oldest,” he explained in a blog.

According to Nick Clegg, users will also be able to view search results based only on the words they type, rather than personalized specifically for them based on their previous activity and personal interests.

The company is making these changes to comply with the EU Digital Services Act (DSA). Among other things, the document requires that large online platforms provide users with the opportunity to opt out of receiving personalized recommendations.

According to Nick Clegg, the changes are just part of the extensive work Meta is doing this month to comply with the DSA.

As a reminder, Meta’s Q2 earnings came in at $2.98 per share, compared to Refinitiv’s forecasts of $2.91 per share. The company’s revenue reached $32 billion against $31.12 billion expected by Refinitiv. In the current quarter, the company expects to generate revenue of $32-34.5 billion. Instead, Refinitiv analysts expect Meta’s revenue to reach $31.3 billion in the third quarter.