Hubble Network has become the first company in history to establish a Bluetooth connection with a satellite in orbit, TechCrunch reports.

The startup launched two satellites in March this year. The SpaceX Transporter-10 rocket was used for this purpose.

Now Hubble Network has confirmed that it has received signals from onboard 3.5-millimeter Bluetooth chips from a distance of over 600 kilometers.

The startup claims that its technology can be used in logistics, animal tracking, GPS watches for children, construction sites, or soil temperature monitoring.

Hubble is now looking to work with companies in industries that need data updates once a day. With the launch of new satellites, the company will be able to offer a higher frequency of data collection and possibly even continuous monitoring.

Once launched, customers will need to integrate their devices’ chipsets with the appropriate firmware to connect to the Hubble network.

The company has also patented a phase array antenna that can be launched on a small satellite. The antennas work almost like a magnifying glass, and this is what allows the Bluetooth chip to communicate with the Hubble satellite.


Hubble plans to launch the third satellite this summer. The company also plans to launch a fourth satellite. Together with the first two, they will form a “beta constellation” Hubble.

The startup plans to launch the next 32 satellites in the fourth quarter of 2025 or early 2026, although the launch provider has not yet been selected.