Over the past six months, various rumors have circulated online about the budget iPhone SE 4, most notably that its release has been canceled or delayed until at least 2024. There was also information that the iPhone SE 4 will be used only for testing new 5G chips of Apple’s own production.

The next batch of insights provides some specifics on some of the features of the new product. The design of the iPhone SE 4 will be based on the iPhone 14. The device will probably get a USB-C port, as well as the Face ID system, abandoning the Touch ID button.

It should also be noted that the iPhone SE 4 will have an Action Button, which first appeared on the Apple Watch Ultra smartwatch and should debut on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models. However, the camera will remain the same as in previous generations of the SE line.

Another significant update could be the move to OLED displays. It was recently reported that manufacturers are currently bidding for orders from Apple for OLED panels. It is possible that the iPhone SE 4 will be equipped with Apple’s first 5G modem mentioned above. However, its release is not expected before 2025.