Similar to Mercedes E-class, new sedans BMW 5-series and BMW i5 are increasing their range with an extended version for the Chinese market. There is no exact information on the size increase, but it is expected to be about +130 mm to the wheelbase and body length. Accordingly, the stretched version of the new five will cross the 3-meter wheelbase mark – this is already the level of the BMW 7 Series.

What else is interesting about the new version? Externally, for example, the illumination of the number “5” on the body pillar. In addition, the BMW i5 electric car will get blue lighting, while the usual “five” will be white. It’s also worth noting the yellow-copper trim on the grille, front bumper and wheel discs – it’s like a hint of electrical wires, which is very relevant to the BMW i5.

Rear-seat passengers also benefit from increased legroom. In addition, a 31-inch BMW Theater Screen panoramic display will be offered – also a feature from the world of the BMW 7 Series. Finally, we can expect new materials, four-zone climate control and a touchscreen tablet in the rear armrest to control additional functions.

The new extended version of the BMW 5 Series and BMW i5 will be produced in a local plant and offered only for the Chinese market. However, given the current popularity of electric cars from the Chinese market in Ukraine, it is possible that such stretched BMW i5 sedans will appear on our streets.