The car Mercedes-Benz E-Class W214 was presented only recently, and it is already starting to increase its own line. For example, due to the appearance of an extended version that will be offered for the Chinese market.

It is worth noting that the Chinese love elongated cars and sometimes they are even made on the basis of middle-class sedans. Therefore, for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class business sedan, the appearance of an elongated version looks quite logical: a kind of “limousine” for a middle-class director or owner of a small company. So what will the Mercedes-Benz E-Class L offer to attract buyers?

It is logical that such a car will offer an increase in size: the total length reaches 5.09 m, the wheelbase has been increased to 3.09 m – that is, plus 13-14 centimeters to each point. It is interesting that the lengthening was not done due to the increase in the size of the rear door, but due to the change of the C-pillar: attention will be drawn to the additional window and the changed shape of the roof. There were also new wheel rims and threshold pads.

And there were also interesting changes in the engine line. The extended Mercedes-Benz E-Class is currently only announced with a 4-cylinder 2-liter petrol engine, but it will be available in two variants: the “260” version will offer 204 hp and the “300” version will offer 258 hp.

Production of such a car should start at local Chinese factories in the next few months and it will be a local model for the domestic market. However, it is interesting, would you like to see such an elongated “E” in Ukraine?