We have already talked about the new Mitsubishi ASX, which turned out not to be a Mitsubishi at all. Also, we talked about Mitsubishi XFC concept, which could become a “real” successor to the ASX. And now it seems that the latter will happen!

After all, the Mitsubishi company recently showed an image of a new car. And even this crossover does not have a name yet, it already has a well-defined design and even some well-defined technical parameters.

For example, the dimensions of the car are known: length 4.39 m; width 1.81 m; height 1.66 m. This is slightly larger than the current Mitsubishi ASX – just fits in with the idea of an increase in size with the debut of a new generation of the model.

It is also known about the 1.5-liter engine (Mitsubishi now has its own turbo engine with a capacity of 150 hp) and a CVT variator. It is also similar to the positioning of the Mitsubishi ASX in terms of power (but there is a 2-liter “atmo”) and the presence of a variator instead of a traditional “automatic”. For the new one, only front-wheel drive is promised, but there will be an auxiliary system for selecting driving modes: Normal/Wet/Gravel/Mud.

It is a very clear hint of a compact light crossover – it’s like a real Mitsubishi ASX of the second generation! However, we will find out the exact name of the car a little later: the debut is scheduled for August 10.