We already know that this is the new Mitsubishi ASX, but the history of the model could have chosen a different path. What the Mitsubishi XFC concept car, prepared specifically for Asian markets, hints at: a compact (but not very) crossover in the signature design of the “Japanese”.

At the moment, there are not enough technical speciifications or information, but the general design concept of the Mitsubishi XFC is clear: the development of the Dynamic Shield style, pointed headlights, a “flying” roof, and huge wheel rims. It is also known that the concept will offer four driving modes: Normal, Wet, Gravel, and Mud. The latter hint at the possibility of using the all-wheel drive, although there is no confirmation of this from the company.

However, there is a promise of a very spacious interior and a large trunk. But again, without any details. So far we see only a few displays, straight lines of the front panel, and an interesting combination of seats.

However, the Mitsubishi XFC concept car still looks attractive: a modern design and a hint of a compact crossover “as it should be from Mitsubishi”. More details will be revealed at the end of the month, when the concept car will be presented at a local auto show in Vietnam. Hopefully, plans for mass production of such a model will be announced at the same time.