As part of the rebrand, Twitter has officially changed its name to X in the App Store. The change comes after weeks of gradually renaming the site and app interface.

However, the rebranding process was not without difficulties. Twitter faced obstacles in changing its actual name in the App Store due to Apple’s one-character limitation regarding app names. Nonetheless, Apple made an exception for Elon Musk’s X Corp as an unprecedented move, allowing the use of a single letter application name.

Along with the name change, Twitter also replaced the old logo with a bird by the new X logo and even the App Store tagline from “Let’s talk” to “Blaze Your Glory!!!”. The meaning of this new slogan was not clarified.

The rebranding on Android didn’t face the same hurdles, and the app changed its name to X along with a logo change earlier. Additionally, another app that used the name X voluntarily changed its name, clarifying that it is not affiliated with Twitter/X.

The rebranding also includes changes to the subscription service, which is currently in the process of being renamed from Twitter Blue to X Blue, and an expansion of the ad revenue sharing program among content creators.

It is controversial that X took over the account @x without warning and without compensation to the original owner – a move that caused criticism during the rebranding of the social network.