Reddit takes control of r/malefashionadvice, which is considered one of the biggest protest subreddits. It went private as a sign of disagreement with changes in the platform’s API pricing, writes The Verge.

The subreddit is now open, meaning that Reddit users can once again view community content. However, only certain users can create new posts here.

As you know, r/malefashionadvice has more than 5 million followers. Its moderators kept the community private and pushed users to Discord and Substrack. They expected to be removed from the community after receiving a corresponding warning from Reddit admin, ModCodeofConduct.

In the end, three moderators of r/malefashionadvice were removed from the community, leaving one moderator on its list – ModCodeofConduct. He is also currently the sole moderator of several other communities.

According to Reddark tracker, the largest private subreddit that still remains private is r/streetwear. This community has more than 4 million followers.

Earlier, Reddit pressured moderators who set their subreddits to private status to reopen the communities. Reddit has long pushed for the restoration of protesting communities, telling them it will replace “inactive moderators,” “community-vandalizing moderators,” and “self-obsessed subreddits” with active moderators.