The missing tourist submarine Titan was controlled using an inexpensive Logitech G F710 game controller. But it is not clear why this should upset anyone

Some Western media, such as Mashable, drew attention to the fact that the missing tourist submersible Titan was controlled using an inexpensive Logitech G F710 game controller. To be honest, I don’t understand why this should upset anyone?!

Game controllers for PlayStation and Xbox of different generations, as well as their PC counterparts, and custom gamepads of a similar configuration, have been used for many years to control UAVs, military equipment, scientific instruments and even extraterrestrial devices. These are convenient, reliable and inexpensive controllers, so the irony of some media is completely incomprehensible.

Regarding the Logitech G F710 specifically, which can be bought for $30 on Amazon or for 2,500-2,900 UAH in any Ukrainian store, this is a pretty good and convenient controller for a PC that imitates the PlayStation 2/3 controller. The Logitech F710 was released in 2010 and received quite good reviews from both the media and users. It makes no sense to look for betrayal here.

It is more important, for example, that the observation glass of the Titan submarine was certified for diving to a depth of 1,500 m. The depth of the place where the wreckage of the Titanic lies, which was supposed to be viewed by tourists who paid $250,000 for a ticket, is 3,800 m. Twice as much!

So, most likely, the Logitech controller is not a problem here. Of course, if the submarine pilots took a set of additional batteries with them…