Microsoft announced the new Carbon Black Xbox Series S console with 1 TB of memory. It will go on sale worldwide from September 1 and cost $349.99, reports ArsTechnica.

The console has the same hardware power as the original Series S. But on the outside, it is designed in a matte black finish, like its older “sister” Series X. The evolution of the design is reminiscent of the Xbox 360 era, when white consoles were over time complemented by a glossy black design and more memory a few years after launch.

Microsoft announced the new Xbox Series S in black and with 1 TB of memory for $350

According to Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox at Microsoft, the company recognizes that for some people $500 is too high a price for a console, and that a more affordable Series S could attract more users to the Xbox ecosystem. He added that the manufacturer has heard a lot of feedback about the 512 GB memory limit and the cost of expanding it.

We will remind you that in the spring Microsoft announced the release of a new version of the gamepad for Xbox. The release of the Xbox Wireless Controller Remix Special Edition was dedicated to Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22. The peculiarity of the controller is that it is made from recycled materials, including old gamepads, car headlights, and CDs. Each accessory has a unique pattern and is made in green colors.

The Xbox Wireless Controller Remix Special Edition does not have additional functionality. The Xbox Rechargeable Battery Pack is included with the gamepad, so users don’t have to use disposable batteries.