Carscoops tells the first information about the FIAT 600 model – a new compact SUV, which will be the successor of the FIAT 500X and should debut during the current year.

The new FIAT 600 has already been caught by car photo spies, and the overall design is clear. The FIAT 600 crossover should follow the design of the new generation FIAT 500, but add a pair of doors at the back and increased ground clearance. In general, the length of the new FIAT 600 should be 4.08-4.15 m, and the wheelbase will be 2.56 m.

A variety of bright colors, exterior personalization packages, and a wide selection of wheels are expected. A 10-inch central display and a stylish round instrument panel are expected in the interior. However, it is more interesting what is expected inside – under the hood and under the body of the FIAT 600 model. After all, the new SUV must be built on the CMP/e-CMP platform, so it will receive technical units similar to Peugeot 2008, Jeep Avenger and other similar models.

Therefore, an electric version with a 115 kW (156 hp) engine and a 54 kWh battery is expected, which will provide a range of about 400 km. Also, the platform provides for the installation of 1.2-liter gasoline engines, conventional or hybrid. However, taking into account the increase in the cost of versions with internal combustion engines and the further popularization and subsidies for electric cars, it is possible to abandon gasoline versions – that is, the FIAT 600 SUV can debut only as an electric car. However, in any case, it will be an interesting novelty.