The official debut of the new JEEP Avenger crossover took place, attracting attention at once with several “best” characteristics. This is the most compact model in the current range of the company: the JEEP Avenger crossover is only 4.08 meters long, which is not much even by the B-SUV class dimensions. Although even in compact dimensions, the designers tried to give the new model traditional features of JEEP: a characteristic “nose”, seven vertical stripes, practical plastic protection, and large 18-inch wheels with wide spokes.

And this is the most electrified crossover. After all, JEEP Avenger is the company’s first electric car. An electric motor with a capacity of 115 kW (156 hp) and 260 Nm of torque is installed under the hood. It is powered by a battery with a capacity of 54 kWh, which should be enough for a range of 400 km according to the rules of WLTP measurements, or even up to 550 km if we talk about traffic only in the city. It takes 5.5 hours to fully charge the battery at 11 kW, or you can quickly recharge within 20-80% of the battery capacity in just 24 minutes from a 100-kilowatt station.

In the interior, the driver and passengers are greeted by comfortable seats, a box on the central console, decorative lighting, and a pair of displays – a dashboard in the form of a 7- or 10.25-inch screen and a central 10.25-inch touch screen. Pay attention to the absence of a gearbox lever; control buttons are provided instead. And there is also a Select-Terrain switch, which allows you to choose several normal or off-road modes.

However, no matter what you choose, whatever you switch – the JEEP Avenger crossover has only front-wheel drive…

However, there is still hope! Even in the status of the concept car, JEEP Avenger 4×4 Concept is distinguished by extended wheel arches, special tires, and increased entry, and exit angles. Currently, the JEEP Avenger 4×4 Concept model is in the concept status, but should eventually enter the “4xe” line, which hints at the appearance of all-wheel drive. Let it even be implemented through an electric motor in the drive of the rear wheels. However, the question remained: later – when?

The JEEP Avenger electric car is already planned for production – by the way, in Poland – and the start of sales in the spring of 2023. Next, there will be a turn of other JEEP Avenger options: among them, there may be cars with a traditional diesel engine and hybrids that will just get an electric motor in the back. Shall we wait for such options?