Recently we reported that macOS-version of Telegram received energy saving mode. Now the company has released an update for the mobile application that adds Power Saving Mode.

Energy saving mode allows you to disable Telegram animations and other effects. This will reduce the load on the chipset and thereby extend the battery life. Also, this mode can be useful for owners of not very powerful devices – the application will work a little faster.

Power Saving Mode can be set to automatically turn on when the battery reaches a certain percentage – with separate options to control different effects.

Telegram also added the ability to more flexibly change the playback speed of video, voice, and video messages. You can choose any speed in the range of 0.5x-2.5x.

In groups with up to 100 members, you can now see when a message was read by one or another member. Users can also control who is allowed to add them to groups. If you invite someone who restricts this permission, you can now quickly send them an invite link in a message.

In addition, the app has received a few more minor updates, such as a dynamic order of sticker packs, translated descriptions for bots, improved support for folders on iOS, and of course, new animated emojis and reactions.