IKEA’s range of smart devices continues to expand. The company already offers a table with an integrated STARKVIND air purifier, and now it has announced the release of a gadget that perfectly complements it.

VINDSTYRKA is an air quality sensor designed specifically for indoor use. It measures the number of solid particles in the air (size less than 2.5 micrometers), humidity level, temperature, and content of gaseous substances that pollute the air.

IKEA introduced a smart indoor air quality sensor

The gadget can work independently, showing indicators on the screen, but it can also be connected to DIRIGERA smarthub. You will be able to view the level of air pollution in the smartphone application. Additionally, VINDSTYRKA will be able to command STARKVIND to increase the intensity of air purification when a certain level of pollution is reached.

IKEA plans to launch the VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor in all markets in April. The cost of the device has not yet been specified.