Samsung has announced a new collaboration that will see its SmartThings smart home service appear in Hyundai and Kia cars, The Verge told.

Part of the cooperation will be that SmartThings users will be able to control car elements from home, such as turning on the air conditioner, controlling doors, and so on, and vice versa, from the car they will be able to control elements of the smart home.

In SmartThings, it will also be possible to add cars to the daily routine of the home. The press release also gave an example of such a use case:

“For example, when a Galaxy smartphone’s morning alarm goes off, the curtains will automatically open, and the lights and television will turn on. When users are ready to go out for work, the user’s car will adjust itself to an ideal temperature. Also, the smartphone and TV screens will display information such as the EV’s remaining battery and driving range.”

It is not yet known when the cooperation will come into effect, but the images presented in the press releases show a Hyundai Ioniq, so it is possible that SmartThings will be implemented with it.