At CES 2023, Samsung demonstrated an updated line of Neo QLED TVs. The flagship model QN900C has a QLED panel with 8K resolution, Mini-LED backlight, and a peak brightness of 4,000 nits. In the 4K Neo QLED TV line, the older model is the QN95C — it has a redesigned motherboard, which eliminates the need for an external module with One Connect connectors. This TV also has up-facing speakers in the built-in speaker system – this solution should improve the sound of the Dolby Atmos soundtrack.

Samsung TVs at CES 2023: “affordable” MicroLED, updated QD OLED, Neo QLED and more

In the updated line of QD OLED, the flagship model is the S95C. It is presented with diagonals from 55 to 77 inches, has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certification. The model has become thinner than its predecessor – the S95B, due to all the connectors moved to a separate external One Connect module (which the QN95C just got rid of). The 70 W speaker system is designed according to the 4.2.2 scheme and also has “top” speakers for Dolby Atmos.

Samsung TVs at CES 2023: “affordable” MicroLED, updated QD OLED, Neo QLED and more

Presented at previous CES 2022 Samsung MicroLED TVs, with all their advantages, were too expensive for the average customer. This year, Samsung announced a wider line of MicroLED TVs — it will feature models with diagonals from 50 to 140 inches (the 2022 model range began with an 89-inch model). The company claims that the new models are the most compact and affordable MicroLED TVs on the market.

At the exhibition, Samsung is showing a new 76-inch Micro LED CX model — with a refresh rate of 240 Hz and almost no frame around the image (the screen occupies 99.9% of the front panel area). The price and market availability of this model have not yet been announced, but the manufacturer notes that the users will be able to install the TV by themselves, while the assembly of larger MicroLED TVs requires the help of specialists.

Samsung TVs at CES 2023: “affordable” MicroLED, updated QD OLED, Neo QLED and more

The designer model of The Frame is also presented with a matte screen finish this year — it will additionally receive new removable metal bezels and an optional motorized mount that can switch the screen from landscape to portrait mode.

The Freestyle updated portable screen (see our review of the previous model) received support for Edge Blending technology, which allows you to combine two The Freestyle to create a single ultrawide screen.

The Premiere projector had a resolution increased to 8K – the manufacturer calls this model the world’s first 8K projector with an ultra-short focus. It can produce images up to 150” diagonal and has all the same Smart TV features as the new 8K TVs.