This time at CES 2023, Samsung has prepared something new with mobile displays. Sliders and foldable smartphones are no longer surprising, so the Korean manufacturer went a little further and combined similar features in one screen.

The new Flex Hybrid OLED display can be folded and expanded, thus giving the user more options for using one device.

The screen itself can “start” with 4.2 inches. By unfolding it, you can already get 10.5 inches with a 4:3 aspect ratio for more productivity. And additionally, it can be “stretched” to 12.4 inches from 16:10, which will be useful for creative tasks and entertainment.

Samsung develops Flex Hybrid OLED display for "foldable sliders"

Xiaomi had a similar prototype back in 2021, but it never made it to the finished product. Meanwhile, Samsung’s development looks like a good option for a new generation of devices that will allow you to have a really compact gadget that, if necessary, will provide more comfort for productive work or entertainment on the go.

The company should still have two new products in stock: the Flex Slidable Solo display will allow you to “stretch” the 14-inch OLED screen into a wider 17.3-inch screen, but from one side; as well as Flex Slidable Duet OLED, which will “extend” in both directions.