Recently, there has been clearly no shortage of news about Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset: yes, the other day we already learned that it was delayed until the second half of 2023, (despite the fact that back in May it was almost ready).

And Bloomberg, citing its own sources in the company, notifies that this headset will run on the xrOS platform. In fact, this is the same realityOS that was mentioned at the beginning of the year, discovered in the download logs of the App Store and in the open source code of the company’s projects. Now Apple has decided to rename it – this may mean that the development is already on the “finish line”.

According to a Bloomberg source, “xr” in the name of the new operating system means “extended reality” – a term that combines the concepts of augmented and virtual reality. Such a step, most likely, aims to position the new headset more clearly on the market.

PS: by the way, the AR/VR headset is Apple’s first new product since 2015, when the company released the Apple Watch smartwatch.