Last week, Apple executives finally were able to see the future mixed reality headset. Thus, the development of the device has reached the final stage, writes Bloomberg.

Apple has high hopes for a headset that combines elements of virtual and augmented reality. This is the first completely new product category since 2015. The release of the headset may overtake the now popular in this area Meta Platforms and other companies – Sony, Microsoft, Google, which are planning their development. At the same time, the novelty will allow Apple to expand its business on gadgets, which brings 80% of annual sales.

The new headset will run on advanced processors – on a par with those of the latest Macs – and will have an ultra-high resolution screen. In recent weeks, the company has also accelerated the development of rOS – “reality operating system”, which will run the headset. Given the progress in the work, we can expect that the novelty will be presented in the next few months.

The headset codenamed N301 has been in development since 2015. About 2,000 employees worked on it. During the development, the team encountered several problems. In particular, they had to find the necessary applications and content. The device also overheated, and its built-in cameras needed refinement.

The company is currently working on AR versions of its main headset applications, as well as new applications for streaming content and virtual meetings.

Apple is going to present the headset later this year or next. The issue for consumers is scheduled for 2023. They wanted to show the novelty at the World Developers Conference in early June, but technological problems forced the company to postpone its release. Plans for the headset are not commented on now.

In addition to the model with VR and AR, Apple is going to release separate AR-glasses under the code N421. They will appear later this decade. Unlike VR, augmented reality glasses will overlay digital information and images on top of the real world.

We remind that Meta is also actively developing mixed reality headset. Mark Zuckerberg recently posted a video where he tests the development while playing with an animated 3D rabbit in his own office.