Apple’s entry into the virtual/augmented reality headset scene is one topic that keeps coming up in tech circles. Recent topics include the postponement of production, presentation and even announcements. This time, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports on another postponement of the release.

The company is pushing back the launch to the second half of 2023 due to unspecified “software issues,” according to his statement. The beginning of collecting components for headsets is tentatively scheduled for the beginning of next year, but the analyst predicts that the gadget will go on sale in the second half, even if the presentation takes place earlier.

The WWDC 2023 conference for developers can be a good event for this, where the headset can be demonstrated and tools for developers can be provided.

Mr. Kuo previously said that the company will present an AR/VR device in January, with a subsequent launch in the second half of the year. But now he has doubts, because there will be a considerable period of time between the presentation and the start of sales.

Everyone who wants to get such a headset should also prepare for the considerable amount of money at which Apple will estimate the gadget. In addition, not everyone will be able to purchase one right away, because it is expected that the first batches will be much smaller than the projected demand on the market.