Currently, among the updated Apple M2 computer chips, there is one in the new generation of MacBook Air and the updated MacBook Pro 13. Professional MacBook Pro models have not yet received the update, it is expected next year. < /span>

But in the test results, the synthetic performance test Geekbench has already lit up the Apple M2 Max chip. It was noticed by a well-known Twitter user in technical circles ShrimpApplePro.

The tested model with the Mac14.6 index has a 12-core Apple M2 Max processor with a considerable amount of RAM — 96 GB. The indicated frequency of the processor is 3.54 GHz. The version of the operating system on the test laptop was macOS 13.2. So the model was able to show the result of testing in 1853 points for one core, and 13855 points in total.

Test results of the Apple M2 Max processor appeared in Geekbench

By comparison, the M1 Max in the MacBook Pro and the entry-level Mac Studio models have 10 cores and a frequency of 3.2 GHz, allowing for 1,746 and 12,154 points, respectively. So, based on such indicators, the performance of the M2 Max is 14% ahead of its predecessor. The M2 in the MacBook Air outperformed the M1 by 11% in single-core and 19% in multi-core modes.

Regarding the M2 Max tests, it is not necessary to draw final conclusions yet, because the test itself is currently not adapted for new processors and it may not fully cover all the capabilities of the new chip. But that also doesn’t rule out the possibility that the new processor won’t be a major upgrade.