EA Sports made a prediction about the victory in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. According to the authors of FIFA 23, which was used for this prediction, the Argentina national team will win the tournament.

EA Sports has been making predictions like this for years and, interestingly, they’ve been right for the last three World Cups. In 2010 a winner was the Spanish national team, as predicted by EA. In 2014 it was national team of Germany. In 2018 it was the French national team. Despite the fact that the final score and even the finalists did not match each time (who could have predicted Brazil’s 7-1 defeat in 2014), the winner was correctly guessed all three times.

EA Sports predicts Argentina to win FIFA World Cup 2022 with FIFA 23

Using their own ranking of teams and simulating all 64 matches in FIFA 23, EA Sports received the national teams of Argentina and Brazil in the final. The fate of the trophy was predicted to be decided by one goal, scored by Lionel Messi. He should also win the “Golden Boot” of the tournament.

EA Sports makes predictions not only for football. Yes, in 2021 they, thanks to the game F1 2021 guessed the winner of the Formula One World Championship. But this is probably more luck, because the victory for Max Verstappen was then ensured by the mistake of the race director Michael Masi.

But with Super Bowl LVI, EA Sports did not guess. Despite results obtained in Madden NFL 22 the Cincinnati Bengals lost that game.

Let’s see if EA Sports’ streak of accurate FIFA predictions continues this year. And who are you rooting for at this tournament?

P.S. This news was sent to the editorial address by a listener of our podcast from France. Thank you, Oleksandr!