It is not clear why, but all neighbors are gradually being fenced off from Russia and Belarus. Following Poland and Lithuania, which have already built a fence on the border with Belarus, Finland also plans to build a fence on part of the border with Russia. This is reported by Reuters. The price is €139 million ($143.4 million).

Finland, which hopes to gain membership in NATO, has fought several times with the USSR/Russia, but the border between the states is still only marked by signs for most of its length, which exceeds 1,300 km.

Finnish officials said back in June 2022 that the country would build a fence along part of the Russian border to increase preparedness for hybrid threats, including a massive influx of migrants.

The bill to strengthen the border, although challenged in terms of EU asylum rules, was passed by the Finnish parliament in July with a supermajority, allowing it to be implemented faster.

The Finnish Border Services Agency said it plans to build 130-260 km of fences covering 10-20% of the total length of the border, focusing primarily on crossing points and their adjacent areas in southeastern Finland.

Fence on the border: Finland also decided to fence itself off from Russia

As reported by Militarnyi, Ukraine is also building a fence on the border with Belarus. It consists of a reinforced concrete fence, on top of which two rows of razor barbed wire are installed. The fence is installed on Ukrainian territory 10-15 meters from the interstate border and is equipped with observation posts. In addition, the Ukrainian military are mining the border areas, destroying bridges, installing new fortifications and engineering barriers.

The Iron Curtain will be built again. And this is good.