The whole world mocked Donald Trump over the wall on the border with Mexico, and it turned out that in the XXI century, fences have to be built in Europe. Thus, Poland is putting into operation the first section of the fence on the border with Belarus.

This was reported by the Polish Border Guard Service in its Twitter.

“The first sections of the constructed barrier at the border have been put into operation. Reception of other sites proceeds. The fence is already located on a 140 km long section. The installation of electronic fencing equipment will begin in the coming days,” the statement says.

A total of 5 meters high fence is planned to be built on 186 km of the border. The total cost of the project, including technical equipment, is almost 1.6 billion zlotys, or about $400 million. It is planned that the work will be completed by June 30, 2022.

It is not entirely clear why the wall is being built on only 186 km of the border, while the total length of the Polish-Belarusian border is 418 km. Plus there are another 210 km of border with illegally occupied East Prussia by Russia.

We shall remind that Poland decided to build a fence on the border after the artificial emigration crisis, which was created by the Lukashenko regime in autumn 2021.