European countries continue fencing off from the maddened New Soviet Republics with fences and walls. Following Poland, Lithuania built a fence with barbed wire on the border with Belarus. Prime Minister of Lithuania Ingrid Šimonytė announced about the completion of construction.

The construction of the wall with a length of 502 km and a height of almost 5 m was carried out by the company EPSO-G construction, which reported to the government about the completion of the works.

The length of the border between Lithuania and Belarus is 678.8 km, 379.9 km is overland, and another 298.9 km along rivers and lakes, where a fence is mostly not needed.

As a reminder, in the summer of 2021, Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland faced a major migration crisis due to the influx of refugees from the countries of the Middle East. There were even confrontations at the border. The border guards of the three countries claimed that the authorities of Belarus were involved in the organization of the artificial migration crisis. They brought refugees to Minsk with the help of a state travel company, and then even brought them to the border and incited riots.