We recently talked about the crossover Audi Q6 and the new pickup Volkswagen Amarok, which is the closest relative of the Ford Ranger. And what will happen if you combine all these cars? It can turn out to be quite a good pickup! A courageous image, a functional platform, recognizable Audi features. Of course, this is just a rendering. The preparation of which, by the way, can be watched on video.

However, the idea of ​​the Audi Q6 pickup is not devoid of meaning. After all, Audi has already expressed interest in the pickup segment – at least, they are very popular in the USA. At the same time, there are almost no competitors from the premium class. I wonder what it would be?…

You can recall the stories of the Mercedes X-Class (not very successful, to put it mildly), as well as Cadillac and Lincoln pickups – they found more customers, but the popularity of similar SUVs was far from over.

Also, the Germans need to create an Audi Q6 pickup car not just around an attractive design, but also really offer radical advantages that will be able to interest buyers. How will it be in reality? Time will show.