The Audi Q6 car debuted on the Chinese market – a large crossover whose length exceeded the 5-meter mark (5.1 m to be exact), and the interior offers three rows of seats. Until now, only the flagship Audi Q7 offered a similar configuration within the Audi model range.

Both cars are even visually somewhat similar. For example, an elongated body, a wide radiator grille, combined lights on the trunk lid, etc.

However, it is impossible to compare the cars directly, because technically the Audi Q6 is simpler and more like a premium version Volkswagen Teramont: MQB Evo platform, gasoline 2-liter 4-cylinder engines (231-265 hp) or flagship 2.5- liter VR6 with a capacity of almost 300 “horses”. All variants will receive four-wheel drive and a 7-speed preselective robotic transmission with a double clutch.

The interior of the car can be made in two configurations – the usual “2+3+2” or the “2+2+2” option: in the latter case, the middle row of seats is formed by two independent captain’s chairs. The front part of the interior attracts attention with the soft forms of the panel, three displays at once, background lighting, and a massive central console.

The Audi Q6 car will be manufactured at a factory in China, sales are planned only in the local market. However, if you look at the number of Chinese electric cars in Ukraine today, it is possible that Ukrainian sellers will eventually start importing regular cars as well. For example, such as this Audi Q6 crossover.